Peer-Reviewed Articles

White-Gaynor, A.L. and Nyblade, A.A., 2017. Shear wave splitting across the Mid-Atlantic region of North America: A fossil anisotropy interpretation. Geology45(6), pp.555-558, doi: 10.1130/G38794.1

White-Gaynor, A.L., Andrew Nyblade, Douglas Wiens, Richard Aster, Peter Bromirski, Peter Gerstroft, Ralph Stephen, Terry Wilson, Paul J. Winberry, Audrey Huerta, Ian Dalziel, Sridhar Anandakrishnan, 2018. Tectonic implications for the West Antarctic Rift System from high-resolution body wave tomography. In prep for submission to EPSL.

White-Gaynor, A.L., Ramirez, C., and Baker, G.E., 2017. Incorporation of Love waves and frequency corrections for improving Ms:mb discriminants. In prep for submission to BSSA.

Conference Abstracts

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