Peer-Reviewed Articles


White-Gaynor, A.L, et al., 2020. P- and S-wave tomography images of upper mantle structure beneath southern Africa reveal craton boundaries, lithospheric structure beneath the Etendeka Flood Basalt Province, and little evidence for thermally-driven plateau uplift. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, In Review.

White-Gaynor, A.L., et al., 2018. Heterogeneous upper mantle structure of the Ross Sea Embayment and Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica, revealed by P-wave tomography.  Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

White-Gaynor, A.L. and Nyblade, A.A., 2017. Shear wave splitting across the Mid-Atlantic region of North America: A fossil anisotropy interpretation. Geology45(6), pp.555-558,


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